Penn Law International

Women of Color in Law and Business

September 21, 2018

Carolyn Edgar
Managing Counsel, Technology and Intellectual Property at BNY Mellon

Carolyn Edgar delivers a luncheon keynote for the Penn Law Institute on Law and Global Development. Ms. Edgar insightfully shares her personal experiences navigating and advancing in law and business as a woman of color. Catalyst research finds that a majority of women (and men) of color experience an “emotional tax” in the workplace, affecting their overall health, well-being and ability to thrive. Because some workplaces undervalue the unique contributions and experiences of women and minorities, women of color are in a constant state of being “on guard.” At BNY Mellon,Carolyn Edgard is responsible for leading transformational technology initiatives and managing ongoing third party relationships around those initiatives. She is a widely recognized leader with honors including Metropolitan Black Bar Association's Corporate Counsel of the Year Award and NOW-NYC's Women of Power and Influence Award.

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