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Legal, Social, and Public Policy Interventions for Diversity and Inclusion: Law, Incentives and Culture Reboots in Tech

September 21, 2018

Gitanjali Swamy
Managing Partner at IoTask, an “Innovation of Things” (IoT) company.

In a topical discussion for diversity and inclusion, Gitanjali Swamy will discuss the effectiveness and relevance of three types of interventions. The discussion will illustrate with examples from practices around tech and tech investing. In the entrepreneurial private capital industry, women form 50 percent of new businesses but receive less than 2 percent of financing. As Swamy will address, it is critical to design the right portfolio of interventions that will provide the right balance of incentives, sanctions and value systems for maximal impact specific to the situation.  Dr. Swamy has founded, built and served as a board director in successful entrepreneurial or intra-preneurial enterprises with over a dozen fundraisings and acquisitions under her tenure. She has held investment or professional roles in global leaders including The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen & Hamilton, and is a Representative to the United Nations Equals Leadership Coalition.

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